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About Us

Our Roots:

Gift Central is the sister company of One Incentive Systems Advocates, Inc. (1ISA), the leading outsourced solutions provider for major banks, credit card, and Telecommunications companies for their rewards, incentive, merchant tie-ups and loyalty programs.

1ISA is not only the leading service provider, but also the pioneer company that both Multinational & local clients have trusted since 1998.  Due to its major client network and years in the service industry, 1ISA has a notable reputation with its suppliers and are therefore able to enjoy discounts from well-known manufacturers and suppliers of various items, which they pass on to their clients.    With this concept in mind, Gift Central was born and developed to allow the general public to also utilize the relationship that 1ISA has formed with their partners.

Our Inspiration:

Gift Central is a personalized Gift Registry service where you and your guests don't need to worry about what to give, where to go and when to buy a gift for any social celebration.    It allows couples, debutantes or anyone having a special occasion to choose the gifts they want to receive and not be stuck with gift items they don't want or need.

As a celebrant, you get to create your own wish list and your guests can view your own page with the items you've selected.  Guests with various budgets also have the option of pooling their money together to make sure that all your wishes are granted!

Gift Central focuses on the items that YOU want.  You and your guests are not limited to a group of items only found in one store.  The wish list that is created online or over the phone with the help of our personal concierge, can include practically anything: appliances, toys, home ware, electronics, gadgets, personal care items and even travel packages or GC's for shopping, dining and wellness!  Gift Central is a one-stop-shop for all occasions.

Gift Central makes life simpler for your guests. Each registered celebrant will have a dedicated page on the Gift Central website which guests can access and see pictures and prices of the wish list.  Guests simply need to choose or give a budget and Gift Central will handle the purchase, the wrapping and the delivery to the Celebrant.

Purchasing items from Gift Central is not only hassle-free but all items are the same price or lower as current SRP prices in the market.  

Gift Central is where we'll make your wishes come true!

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