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Php 500.00


From our fathers we learned values. One of them is the importance of not wasting one’s food. The fatherly admonition, "eat your food and clean your plate" serves as a loving reminder to all of us. A father's legacy worth heeding.

In honor of fathers, DADS opened in 1993 and became an instant success. Specializing then in continental cuisine, DADS introduced the No-Left-over Buffet 50% off rate, making it the home of the eat-all-you-can concept. It's the start of really great and bountiful buffet.

As continental cuisine became more and more popular, DADS started featuring regularly different food festivals, e.g. Italian, Mexican, French, American and a lot more. DADS gathers all of these in one great, worldwide cuisine presentation. It gives the guests the most number of choices and a delectable tour to the rich cultures of the world.

Accepted at all branches; valid for 1 year

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