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Ideal for thick/curly hair: The Wet2Straight straighteners are designed specifically to straighten hair from wet which making it ideal for styling the most unruly, voluminous hair. With the Wet2Straight you can achieve quicker, kinder, straighter results that last longer…..

No need to blow dry and straighten your hair. Wet2straight offers one quicker, easy step by drying your hair while you straighten.

The quantity of destructive heat entering your hair fibres is minimised when you use wet2straight as much of the heat is used to convert water into steam (the excess of which evaporates away from hair through the special vent holes!) Wet2Straight is kinder and your hair is less damaged.

Wet2Straight is applied on wet hair which is being styled newly instead of re-styled (as with a conventional straightener) hence straighter results!

Wet2Straight offers long lasting results by fixing the hair in the stretched structure you want the hair to be until you insert water again.

The new exclusive ceramic, diamond and with Teflon ® coating offers a lifetime guarantee on the plates, improved even heat for less damage and up to 70% smoother glide with less snagging.

• Salon floating plates

• Digital temperature to 230°

• 30 second heat up

• Heat boost feature

• Auto shut off after 60minutes

• Automatic world wide voltage

• Heat resistant storage pouch

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