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Wedding Registry : TOP TIPS

January 09, 2012

Top 5 Wedding Registry Regrets:


  1. Not registering.
    Whether it’s because you don’t need anything or simply feel uncomfortable asking for gifts, avoiding the registry will backfire. Your friends and family want to celebrate and that goes hand in hand with commemorating the day with a gift of some sort. To help lessen their gift giving anxiety, provide a little direction, otherwise you will end up with a boatload of stuff you don’t need and a list of things to return. A tip for those of you who really don’t need anything: create a charitable wedding registry; it’ll keep everyone happy.

  2. Registering for ridiculous things.
    Be honest. Are you ever going to use a shrimp fork? What about the ice cream maker? Quesadilla maker? An automatic martini shaker? My guess is that most of this stuff will sit on a shelf collecting dust. Eventually it will move to the garage or basement. While I’m sure you have the best of intentions when scanning a set of 12 shrimp forks (or whatever might be comparably ridiculous for your life!) at some point, months or even years from now, regret will rear it’s ugly head. Register for things you know you’ll make use of now and in the future. Both you and your guests will appreciate it.

  3. Fine china and other super formal and fancy stuff.
    Haven’t you heard? The formal dining room is dead. There are several reasons for this; including lack of space (think 800 square-foot condo), conflicting schedules meaning family members don’t eat together, the TV (you know you love to eat in front of the television) and a general shift towards more casual and intimate get-togethers. With this in mind, does a floral china set really make sense?

  4. Aspirational gifts.
    If you live in that 800 square foot condo with hardwood floors, do you really need the $750 Dyson vacuum cleaner? Don’t register for it in hopes that “someday” you’ll have a house in the burbs with carpet that needs to be vacuumed. Unless you’ve signed on the dotted line, be sure to register or things that make sense for you and your lifestyle.

  5. Gifts for the kids.
    If kids are part of the equation already resist the urge to register for kid-specific stuff. The day is about you and your fiancé. And yes, they’re part of your family but the two of you are the foundation. Your wedding is a marker. It’s symbolic of this foundation, so make the day and everything that goes along with it about the two of you. If you build a strong foundation from the outset, your entire family will ultimately benefit.

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